Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Beauty: trying to embrace lip colour!

Hello you lovely bunch! As you may or may not know (depending on how long you've read this blog) I'm not particularly confident with my lip colour. I much prefer a nude or very sheer pink to a bright colour because I just don't think they'll suit me but recently I've been 'shopping my stash' and trying to pull out unloved lip colours to embrace them a bit more, in my handbag this week? These gorgeous DHC premium lipsticks (£13 each here)

I have the colours 'velvety red' and 'petal pink' - swatches below.

These lipsticks are great because they're incredibly moisturising and pigmented. The pink is perfect for day to day in the office (I work in HR for a Materials Handling company in the Midlands) and the red is great for nighttime or days when I'm feeling a little more daring.

These wear off really nicely, no pink or red rims around the lips and I've noticed minimal transfer onto my teeth! Always a winner ;)

DHC seems to be a fairly unsung brand in the UK but I love the foundations and lipsticks I've tried over the last year or so.

Have you tried anything from DHC? What products do you think I should try out next?

Lots of love xo

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Current make-up bag favourites

It feels like a lifetime since I blogged about make-up I was loving! Recently I haven't been able to get enough of these little beauties:

AVON 'caring coral' lipstick:

This is a beautiful bright coral that glides on smoothly and is really comfortable and moisturising on the lips. I'm not very outgoing when it comes to my lip colour but for me this gives the perfect punch of colour. It's gorgeous and only £8. Bargain!

MAC strobe cream:

I'm sure everyone has seen this a thousand times before, it's a bit of a cult favourite! The MAC strobe cream is a glowy, illuminating and moisturising cream that you can wear under make-up or just on it's own. Personally I like to apply it as a first step, underneath all of my make-up. It really helps me look more awake and radiant, even when I'm feeling tired, stressed or poorly. Gone are the 'ooh you look a bit tired' days! I'm going to buy the full size next time but I chose the travel size because I had never used it before and wanted to make sure I liked it :) The 30ml travel size is £10 and the 50ml full size is £24.50.

Manuka Doctor CC cream:

I'm going to have to make a confession with this one. I only bought it because Millie Mackintosh said she used it! Luckily I've fallen completely in love with it and it goes perfectly with the strobe cream and coral lipstick. It's also great to use under foundation to even out the skin tone and give that extra bit of coverage. I struggle a lot with redness on my cheeks and using this under my foundation when I'm going out at night time has helped me look flawless!

AVON true colour eyeshadow quad in 'glow teal':

I've been carting this around with me for weeks because it's the perfect every day palette. There are so many colour combinations and I often use the bright blue under my eyes for a bit of interest. The shadows are buttery and easy to blend but have limited fall out under the eyes. I had never tried Avon eyeshadows before these and I really love them. These quads are currently reduced from £9 to £6 on the website :)

AVON mega effects mascara:

This for me is the absolute cream of the crop, it's a really strange concept but so easy and convenient to use. When I first tried it I'll admit it was fiddly and awkward but once I was used to it I quickly realised it's one of the greatest mascaras I've ever used! It's currently on special offer for 37 instead of £10 too! Cue ridiculously vain and posey 'selfie' (with no false eyeslashes!) to show how incredible it is:

What are your latest make-up bag favourites? Tell me all about them in the comments :)

Thanks for reading! xo