Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Saving me from postgrad stress - #BatisteSOS!

There's no denying it, taking a postgrad as well as working full time, being a slimming world member, colleague, friend, girlfriend and daughter is an absolute nightmare. I can't remember the last time I just did ~nothing~ because the pressure is mounting and the demands of my life feel a little bit out of control.

Having graduated with a First Class degree in Human Resources with Business Management and been lucky enough to secure a couple of great jobs in HR I honestly thought my 'school days' were over. Then the opportunity of a postgrad CIPD diploma came up in my new job and the geek in me just couldn't say no!

I recently arrived home to find this:

And inside? My very own SOS kit to help me with my postgrad stress!

In the box:
Snacks - Kallo fruity muesli and yoghurt thins and a Little Miracles drink
Tools - a handy mirror to throw in my uni bag and a little sparkly denman brush
Beauty - fake tan, mascara and toothpaste
Hair - batiste cherry (my fave!), dry conditioner and plumping powder.

Of course the snacks didn't last long. I munched my way through the thins whilst doing revision and drank the drink on the day of my exam. Both delicious and highly recommended!

The mirror and brush live in my university tote bag because doing the morning at work and then being at uni until 8pm means all day on a Wednesday I'm running around like a headless chicken.

Hair wise, when you're pushed for time, leaving home early and getting home late there is nothing better than dry shampoo and a good plumping powder. Generally I spray the dry conditioner through the very ends of my hair when it's looking particularly dry and rubbish and I don't use the dry shampoo at the same time as the plumping powder. They're all incredible and I have nothing but them to thank for every single one of my good hair days since September!

I'll be honest, the mascara didn't blow my mind but it is handy to carry around for immediate volume and a makeup touch up.

I'm saving the fake tan for now, it's not something I use often and I want to keep it fresh for an occasion when I do use it. I love a bit of St Moriz though, it's so affordable and doesn't go orange.

I could do with having something similar delivered to me every month to help me survive the next year and a half!

Thanks for reading! xo

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Keeping things (fem)fresh!

I'm going to put it out there, I feel like I talk and blog quite a lot about my ladybits. I'm a really open person and think that being well informed and 'taboo-free' is important when it comes to your intimate areas.

I've recently become borderline obsessed with Hollywood bikini waxes (post about that here) and along with it being a common topic of conversation ("do you really have to be on all fours?!?!") it's become even more important to me to make sure things are clean, fresh and well looked after both pre and post waxing.

There are lots of feminine freshness brands out there but I've always been loyal to femfresh.

Recently I've been trying out the different washes they offer; the pure & fresh gel wash, daily intimate wash, active fresh wash and soothing wash.

It may seem over the top to use all four but I use them at different times. The daily intimate wash and pure & fresh wash as general washes every time I shower, the active fresh wash after I've been to the gym and also during my time of the month (I feel like it cleans things better and keeps me feeling fresher for longer) and the soothing wash for the first 3 days after my bikini wax.

It's difficult to know what to say about these but so important to put it out there that washing your ladybits (or man bits!) is NOTHING to feel embarrassed or shy about. Personally for me I'm almost proud in an odd way that I take the time and make the effort to use a specifically formulated wash to make sure my bits are in the best condition possible! You should always use something like femfresh when you can as heavily scented/coloured soaps and washes can really irritate the area and cause a lot of discomfort.

Are you embarrassed to use or buy intimate washes or do you embrace the fresh foof? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading! xo