Thursday, 10 June 2010

Nail tutorial: Glittery leopard print!!

Before i start writing, i'd like to request that if you decide to do this on your nails, you link back to this post or at least give me a mention! i've had a lot of my nails ideas being re-created on various blogs (which i obviously love! i'm chuffed i'm inspiring you all!) but a couple of culprits have failed to link back to me, after copying the nail designs/ideas exactly please be polite and acknowledge the fact that a lot of time and effort goes into these posts! don't nab the idea and pass it off as your own! :)

In the interest of not being a complete hypocrite, i originally spotted these lush nails on my long-term friend Helens blog, she however, got the idea from the amazing and ever inspiring Gemma, therefore, although i 'copied' the original design, i've got so obsessed with it i keep altering it and developing it to make it better!!

Moving on! After receiving so much love when i did my Leopard nails and multi-coloured leopard nails i decided to do sparkly ones!! Here goes:

First up, take off any old nail varnish, moisturise your hands, do your cuticles, and file and buff your nails :)

Next, apply a base coat, mine is Barry M's 'bright pink' no: 279

Next, pick one or two (or five if you want!!) other colours and 'splodge' them randomly on each nail! I chose Barry M's Blueberry ice cream and lemon ice cream and alternated them on my nails!

Next, outline the 'splodges' with either a black nail art pen or black liquid liner! If you have an big gaps, put little dots of black in there!

Then, using some glitter liners (or a glitter nail art pen), go over the top of a few of the black bits to give it a bit of sparkle :)

Finish off with a top coat to seal the eyeliner on, otherwise it will all just wash off!!

If you decide to do this please send me a picture! i wanna see them all!!



  1. Oooh i love this! Very pretty summery take on leopard print nails!

  2. I love the idea of using eyeliner! Ive not got any nail art things so this would be great for me! Was gonna do my nails tonight so might have to give it a go.

    Lisa xx

  3. you make it look so easy! i am tempted to give it a go but i'm guessing it would take a lot of practice!

  4. Looks stunning! I need to get some proper nail art polishes :)

  5. Cute nail design! I have a hard e/s addiction(sniffing and smoking them.... no, jk)so nail polish isn't my world. Too unskilled for it. I just admire other ladies' nail design. But I'd give my shirt for getting hands on the Collection 2000 Glam Crystals glitter liners. :-) The blue one is fab!

  6. I love this look, definitely something I could get to grips with :)

  7. Would never have thought of using eyeliner! Will give this a go this weekend! x

  8. Fabulous! You must have steady hands.

  9. Wow. Loved that you used glitter eyeliner. I wouldn't have thought of that one. Very creative! xx

  10. definatly going to try this out! need to get a nail art pen though!

  11. Great step by step tutorial here missy. Love it!

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